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Topaz Chaise Lounge

A cold drink and a sunny day are all you’ll need with the Topaz Sling Chaise Lounge from Jensen Outdoor. Lounge in airy comfort on the breathable outdoor sling fabric, which reclining on the angled backrest and stretching out on the contoured frame crafted with smooth, linear slats of solid Ipe timber. With wheels on two rear legs and a sleek, lightweight frame, the chaise is a breeze to move from sun to shade.

European-inspired design and a clean, contemporary aesthetic are highlights of the Topaz Collection, which is masterfully crafted from 100% FSC-Certified Ipe timber sustainably sourced from dry-tropical forests in Bolivia. While the sophisticated, chocolate brown color of Ipe timber can be easily preserved, allowing the wood to age reveals a silver patina that enhances its chic allure. Rest assured that both Ipe timber and outdoor sling fabric are remarkably durable and able to withstand weather, moisture and sun for years outdoor ease. Brighten your patio or poolside with your choice of attractive outdoor sling fabrics.


  • Chaise lounge crafted from a pairing of weather-friendly outdoor sling fabric surrounded and supported by a frame crafted from 100% FSC-Certified Ipe timber sustainably harvested from Bolivia’s dry-tropical forests.
  • Outdoor sling fabric offers luxurious comfort without the need for bulky cushions and allows water to easily pass through its fibers for a lifetime of outdoor enjoyment.
  • Durable and weather-resistant Ipe timber sustainably harvested from Bolivia’s dry-tropical forests is a natural for outdoor landscapes.
  • When new, Ipe timber displays a glass-smooth polish and stunning, chocolate brown color that can be preserved for years, or can be allowed to acquire a chic silver patina.
  • Thoughtfully constructed with metal joinery to support years of lounging and leisure.
  • A comfortably slanted backrest and contoured frame beckon basking in style and comfort, while wheels allow for easy portability.
  • Select from several colors of outdoor sling fabric to match your mood and your décor.


  • Weight:66 lbs
  • Length:79 in
  • Width:29 in
  • Height:14 in
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